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Kendra Strobel, Esq. is a 2017 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. She is now a Pennsylvania based litigation attorney. During law school, she served as the President of the Pitt Law Women’s Association and class representative for various other organizations. She is a member of her local bar association, the Pennsylvania Bar Association, the American Bar Association, and the National Association of Women Lawyers.

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Car Accidents

Uber Passenger Accident Settlement Amounts Examples

Understand the settlement amounts you may be entitled to if you get involved in an Uber accident.

rotator cuff injury at work

Typical Settlement for Rotator Cuff Injury at Work Explained

Discover the factors that could influence your settlement.

For the injured

How Many People Die From Slipping on Carpets?

Discover key statistics on deaths linked to slipping on carpets.

wrongful termination cases

How Often Are Wrongful Termination Cases Won?

Discover your legal options after wrongful termination.

For the injuredProduct Liability

9 Shocking Seroquel Horror Stories and Side Effects

Revisit some of the most shocking Seroquel horror stories you'll find anywhere on the internet.

For the injuredSocial Security

Understanding Your Chances of Winning Disability Benefits With and Without a Lawyer

We examine whether or not you should hire an SSD lawyer to represent you in your claim.

Car AccidentsFor the injured

Who’s at Fault if I Rear-Ended Someone Who Stopped Suddenly?

Discover how fault is determined in a rear-end accident involving a driver who stopped suddenly.

For the injuredGeneral Injuries

3 Common Permanent Restrictions After Spinal Fusion

Discover what you may or may not be able to do after spinal fusion surgery.

EmploymentFor the injured

Discover What Sexual Harassment Is and What Is Not 

Learn what counts as sexual harassment and what does not, especially in the workplace.

rear-end collision accident settlemnts
Car AccidentsFor the injured

How Much Is a Rear-End Collision Worth?

Discover the average settlement for rear-end collisions.