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Injury Mag offers insightful and comprehensive information on personal injury matters. We are not just a blog; we are a digital magazine created for the injured, by the injured. We help inform those navigating the complexities of personal injury situations by covering virtually any injury-related topic, from car accidents and slips and falls all the way to wrongful deaths and medical malpractice.

Our team comprises dedicated professionals who are not only well-versed in personal injury law but are also passionate about empowering the injured to understand their rights and make informed decisions.

Here, you’ll find paralegals, legal content writers, and seasoned attorneys, all sharing a common goal: to provide helpful insights and guidance during these challenging times for you or your loved ones. Whether you are seeking information on legal processes or simply looking for support, Injury Mag is here for you.

What sets us apart from other personal injury blogs on the internet is our commitment to delivering content beyond the surface. We go into the innermost details of personal injury law, breaking down complex legal jargon into digestible, accessible information. While we don’t offer legal advice, our aim is to furnish general knowledge readily available in the public domain, ensuring that our readers are well-informed and equipped to make decisions in their best interest.

Explore our digital magazine to find in-depth articles, expert opinions, and real-life stories that shed light on the various facets of personal injury cases. We cover everything from tips on navigating insurance claims to understanding the statute of limitations or even hiring the right attorney to represent you or a loved one.

Injury Mag is more than just a digital magazine for the injured. It’s a community.

Meet Our Team

Here are the faces behind your favorite digital magazine for the injured.

Serah Waweru, Esq, is a graduate of Western Michigan University Cooley Law School, and a personal injury and immigration attorney based in Tacoma, Washington. 

Attorney Serah has always been passionate about the law; she served as the Vice President of the Western Michigan University Cooley Law School Student Bar Association and vice president of the university’s Black Law Students Association. She is also a proud member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and the Washington State Bar Association. She also writes, edits, and reviews content at InjuryMag, ensuring the highest levels of accuracy and quality.

Andrew Wandola is a highly skilled and experienced Legal Content Writer specializing in Personal Injury and Immigration law. For over 10 years, he has worked with top law firms across the United States, providing high-quality content that accurately conveys complex legal concepts clearly and concisely. Andrew’s expertise in the legal profession extends beyond his knowledge of personal injury and Immigration laws. He possesses the ability to write about any legal topic with precision and clarity. His deep understanding of the legal industry, combined with his proficiency in marketing techniques, allows him to work with law firms and attorneys all over the country.