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Why Did Flo Rida Sue Celcius?

Flo Rida Celcius lawsuit
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American rapper Tramar Dillard, popularly known as Flo Rida, was awarded an $82.6 million verdict by a Florida jury following a lawsuit he filed against energy drink company Celcius.

Here’s everything you need to know about the much-publicized Celcius drink lawsuit. 

Florida Celcius Drink Lawsuit Background Information

The 43-year-old hitmaker filed the lawsuit against Celcius in 2021. The lawsuit, filed in Broward County, alleged that the energy drink company owed him millions of dollars in added stocks and royalties per the terms of their agreement.

The lawsuit further alleges that the energy drink company failed to honor its part of the agreement. Speaking to Associated Press, Dillard claimed that his endorsement of the now-famous energy drink was the reason for the company’s success.

He also lamented that all he was looking for was ‘some trustworthy people who acted as if they were family.’

In their defense, Celcius, through their attorneys, said that the company had realized its greatest success after parting ways with the rapper.

The defense also added that the company’s success was due to other business decisions.

On the other hand, Flo Rida’s legal team claimed that the Carol City-born rapper played a key role in establishing a new era for the company’s brand growth, development, and expansion. 

It should be noted that Florida was the brand ambassador for Celcius from 2014 to 2018.

Around that time, Flo Rida had 10 hit songs in the United States, with his hit single G.D.F.R featuring Sage the Gemini sitting comfortably at number 8 in the country’s Billboard Hot 100. 

The rapper’s attorney John Uustal claimed that his client was initially not interested in any dollar amount in his lawsuit against the energy drink company. Instead, he was only after the 1% ownership he was promised.

Speaking after the verdict, the rapper thanked the jury, adding that he ‘gained a new respect for the judicial system.’

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