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Apple Agrees to a $395 Payout Per Person in MacBook Keyboard Lawsuit

Expertly Reviewed By: Serah Waweru, Esq., on April 13, 2023

The MacBook keyboard lawsuit, filed against Apple’s popular brand the MacBook, is almost at its completion. Per the settlement agreement, the American tech giant is set to pay out at least $50 million to eligible users.

The class action lawsuit, originally filed in the summer of 2022, was the subject of debate and speculations, especially on social media, following reports of the pre-agreed payout of about $395 per eligible individual.

Here’s a quick background on the MacBook lawsuit.

Apple Butterfly Keyboard Lawsuit Explained

Between April 2015 and 2019, Apple allegedly sold MacBook laptops with defective butterfly keyboards.

The lawsuit cited the following issues with the MacBook keyboard. 

  • Characters repeating unexpectedly
  • Characters or letters not appearing 
  • Keys feeling sticky and not responding consistently

It turned out that the keyboard was a huge fail despite the hype around it. 

During the official launch in 2015, Apple claimed that the keyboard had been ‘reinvented in every way to deliver the thinnest and lightest Macs ever.’

The keyboard’s thinness and the MacBook’s lightweight design were the key selling points for the much-hyped laptop.

Further, Apple claimed that the keyboard ‘re-engineered how a notebook keyboard works.’

But following a series of lawsuits against the tech giant, the company offered to have the keyboards repaired or replaced in 2018. Despite that, consumers still complained about similar issues and filed a class action lawsuit, eventually forcing Apple to settle for $50 million two years later. 

In 2020, Apple ended the production of butterfly keyboards and replaced them with standard scissor switches. 

Who Qualifies for the Apple MacBook Settlement?

According to the settlement website, Apple has classified eligible consumers into three groups.

Let’s take a look at each group and what it entails.

Group 1 – Projected Payout: $395

You might qualify as a Group 1 Class member if you obtained at least two Topcase Replacements from Apple or an Authorized Service Provider within 4 years of purchase.

In that case, you will receive an email or postcard informing you about your eligibility, followed by an automatic payment.

If you’d like to update your address, use the Change of Address form.

Filing deadline: March 6, 2023

Group 2 – Projected Payout: $125

You may qualify for the Apple MacBook settlement as a Group 2 member if you obtained a single Topcase Replacement from Apple or an Authorized Service Provider within 4 years of purchase, and the repairs did not fix the problem.

To get your payment, you must submit a Claim Form and declare that the single Topcase repair did not fix the problems with the keyboard. Keep in mind that you may need to provide additional proof if Apple does not find any record of your purchase or repair.

Filing deadline: March 6, 2023

Group 3 – Projected Payout: $50 

You are in Group 3 if you obtained one or more Keycap replacements from Apple or an Authorized Service Provider within 4 years of purchase but that did not fix the keyboard issues. 

As with Group 2 members, you will need to submit a claim form claiming that the single Topcase repair did not fix the keyboard issues. You may also be required to provide additional proof if Apple does not have any record of your purchase or repair.

Filing deadline: March 6, 2023 

MacBook Keyboard Lawsuit FAQs

Where Can I Find the Claim Form for the MacBook Class Action Lawsuit?

You will find the claim form on the settlement’s website. Here’s a direct link to the Claim Form.

What Is the Deadline for Filing the MacBook Keyboard Lawsuit Settlement Claim?

If you are in any of the groups mentioned above, you have up to March 6, 2023, to file a claim. If you’d like to be excluded from the settlement, you have until February 10, 2023, to inform the Court. The same deadline applies if you want to comment on, object to the settlement, or even attend a hearing.

Can I File a New Claim After Receiving the Settlement?

No. Once you receive the settlement, you waive your right to pursue additional settlement for the same lawsuit. In addition, you’ll be bound by the terms of the settlement. 

If you believe that you deserve a higher settlement and that your case is unique, consult an experienced personal injury attorney for guidance. 

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