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3 Singulair Horror Stories from Redditors

Singulair ruined my life

Singulair is a prescription medication primarily used in the treatment of asthma and certain allergies. Its active ingredient is Montelukast which works by targeting and blocking specific receptors in the airways and nasal passages. By doing so, Singulair helps to reduce inflammation and constriction in the air passages. This makes it easier to breathe and reduces asthma symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath. Singulair can also be prescribed to manage allergy symptoms like runny nose, stuffed nose, itching, and sneezing.

Singulair Ruined My Life: Top Stories From Reddit

Let’s take a quick look at some top stories from Reddit users who used this medication but didn’t experience the outcomes they were hoping for. 

1. Posted by ChanceEast

One Reddit user talks about how Singulair changed their life but for the worse. They took the medication for nine months without being fully aware of its side effects. 

At first, they were only informed about the possibility of bad dreams. However, they later experienced more severe side effects including hearing voices and hallucinations. After stopping treatment, the Redditor still suffered through one and a half years of withdrawal symptoms. 

While Singulair helped with their asthma symptoms, it came at the cost of sacrificing 27 years of a previously happy life. The same symptoms were present when his mother took the medication.

2. Posted by LemonBoy-Law

This Redditor talks about being prescribed Singulair after suffering from an asthma attack. Five years later, he suffers from a mental breakdown and thinks that he is losing all emotions. 

He is also suffering from messed up dreams, frequent sleep paralysis, and awful anxiety attacks. His first thought was that the stress is getting to him and decided to see a therapist. However, his mom also shared some information about Singulair and how it had “uncommon” side effects. 

Most of those side effects were similar to his and as an experiment, he stopped taking the medication. Once he went off it, everything went back to normal but he made the mistake of taking it again. Just three days in, he stopped again after noticing almost similar problems. 

Even with this, the Redditor still felt a little “off” and as though he only wanted to be alone. As of posting, he still experiences the same side effects. 

3. Posted by Clcteach77

This Redditor was lucky enough to stop taking Singulair before it became a real problem. According to his post, he had been taking the medicine for several years but failed to make the connection with his mental health problems. 

During his use of the medicine, he had daily thoughts of suicide. He had the good fortune of learning about the class action lawsuit against Singulair and as a test, stopped taking the medicine. He immediately noticed a positive difference in his mood and no longer felt suicidal. 

Singulair Uses

Montelukast, commonly known as Singulair, is a prescription medication primarily used to manage and prevent symptoms associated with asthma and allergies. It reduces inflammation in the airways, allowing easier breathing for patients. Here are the usual circumstances for a medical practitioner to prescribe it to a patient:

  • Alleviates symptoms like wheezing, shortness of breath, and chest tightness associated with asthma
  • Reduces allergic reactions such as sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, and runny nose
  • Not recommended for immediate relief during acute asthma attacks

Singulair is most effective when used consistently over time, as it is designed for long-term control and improvement of asthma and allergy symptoms, rather than immediate relief. It is available in tablet form and taken daily at night, right before sleeping. 

Singulair Side Effects

While Singulair is beneficial for many, it also comes with potential side effects ranging from mild to severe. These can vary among individuals and should be closely monitored. Common side effects associated with the medicine include the following:

Cough, diarrhea, headache, runny or stuffy nose, stomach pain, and sore throat. These are viewed as common and mild side effects.

More serious side effects include mood and behavioral changes such as depression, suicidal thoughts, and severe allergic reactions.

Difficulties with attention and concentration, hallucinations, disorientation, or confusion affecting day-to-day thought processes are also quite common. 

Some users have experienced feelings of anxiety ranging from mild unease to severe, increased irritability leading to mood swings and discomfort, memory problems, and restlessness.

Also, there have been instances of sleepwalking and tremors or shakiness in other users.

Notably, the mental health side effects occurred even for people who have no history of mental health problems. Most of the listed side effects happened while on the drug but others appeared after stopping its use. 

Reports of serious mood changes have alerted the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The agency now requires that all Singulair products contain a boxed warning about serious mental health side effects when taking the medicine. The FDA also recommends using other medications to treat asthma and allergies with Singulair only as a last resort.

Alternatives to Singulair

Fortunately, doctors can prescribe alternatives to Singulair. Long-term asthma medications can involve inhaled corticosteroids, combination inhalers, long-acting beta-agonists, and leukotriene modifiers. If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, immediately inform your doctor so that they can find an alternative solution.

Does Singulair Cause Weight Gain?

Concerns about weight gain with Singulair usage are quite common. Current research, however, does not strongly link Singular with significant weight changes. The instances of weight reported by some users might be anecdotal and not directly attributable to the medication.

An interesting case report hinting at a connection involves a 22-year-old male patient who started taking Singulair and experienced substantial weight gain after two months. 

Other than weight increase, however, he also developed acute pancreatitis associated with hypercholesterolemia and severe hypertriglyceridemia. Hypercholesterolemia is a health condition where there are high levels of cholesterol in the blood, increasing the risks of a stroke or a heart attack. 

Hypertriglyceridemia means you have too much fat in your blood which can also lead to heart problems. This case suggests that although rare, there’s a potential for Singulair to cause significant weight gain and lipid metabolism disorders in some patients. 

Further studies are required to establish a definitive connection, if any, between Singulair and weight gain. Individuals concerned about weight changes should discuss this with their healthcare provider for personalized advice. 

How Long Does It Take for Singulair to Work?

The effectiveness of Singulair and the time it takes to work can vary. Generally, some improvement in asthma or allergy symptoms may be observed within a day or two of starting the medication. 

However, it can take several weeks to experience the full benefits. Keep in mind that Singulair is not recommended for immediate relief from acute asthma attacks.

Individual response times can differ based on various factors, including the severity of symptoms and individual health conditions. Consistent use as prescribed by your doctor is key to assessing its effectiveness. If you notice zero improvements after four to eight weeks of consistent use, ask your doctor for a possible alternative.

Can Dogs Take Singulair?

Singulair is not commonly prescribed for dogs and should only be used under the guidance of a veterinarian. While it has been used in some cases to treat allergies in dogs, the safety and efficacy profiles are not as well-established in humans. Simply put, there is no guarantee that the benefits of the medication will outweigh the risks when used with dogs. 

Dosage and potential side effects can be significantly different in animals. Pet owners looking to treat their dog’s asthma are advised to seek dog-specific treatment first through a trusted vet. As a general rule, human medicine should never be given to dogs.

Can You Take Singulair While Pregnant?

Yes. However, the decision to take Singulair during pregnancy should be made in consultation with a healthcare provider. While some studies suggest that it’s generally safe, the potential risks to the fetus are not fully understood. 

Pregnant women should weigh the benefits of symptom control against any potential risks. Close monitoring and regular check-ups are essential for expecting mothers taking any medication, including Singulair.

Regarding the risk of birth defects, studies involving over 1,000 women have not shown a connection between early pregnancy exposure to Singulair and birth defects in the baby. Note, though, that these studies are not conclusive so more research is necessary to confirm this theory.  

Links between Singulair and miscarriage also remain unproven. Fertility in both men and women remains unaffected while taking this treatment. Reports indicate that it also does not compromise contraception methods in women.

For breastfeeding moms, small traces of Singulair have been found in the breastmilk. However, the dosage is very small, even smaller than the amount that would be prescribed if the baby has asthma. In many cases, there’s no need to set up safety precautions when using the drug while breastfeeding. Currently, there is a study that monitors the pregnancy of women who are also taking Singulair.

Can Children Take Singulair?

Yes, children can take Singulair, specifically Singulair Pediatric, but not without first consulting a doctor. Its regular use can be helpful for children diagnosed with asthma. 

Can You Take Benadryl With Singulair?

An over-the-counter medication, Benadryl is an antihistamine used to treat allergies and symptoms of the common cold. It also has sedative properties, making it an effective treatment for insomnia. Combining Singulair with Benadryl is generally considered safe, as there are no known direct interactions between these two medications. They can be used together, especially in cases where both asthma symptoms and acute allergic reactions need to be managed.

However, it’s important to follow dosage instructions for both medications and to consult with your doctor, especially if you have pre-existing health problems. Professional healthcare advice is critical if you’re taking a third medication other than Singular and Benadryl. Singulair by itself is relatively safe to take with most medications except aspirin or NSAIDs.

What to Do If Singulair Ruined Your Life

If Singulair ruined your life due to continuing health problems even after stopping the medication, then you may have legal grounds to sue the manufacturer. The same applies if you’ve taken other popular drugs like Invega.

In fact, you will not be the first one to launch a civil action based on the grounds of mental health side effects. 

In 2023, Reuters reported on the case of Nicholas England who shot himself in the head after using Singulair for two weeks. Allegedly, more than 4,800 patients reported symptoms of depression and suicidal thoughts when using the drug even before the death of Nicholas.

Other than the story of Nicholas, there are more lawsuits filed against Merck, the developer of the asthma medication, Singulair. The lawsuits are filed by patients who suffered mental health problems after taking the drug. 

They allege that the manufacturer designed a defective drug and was negligent in warning patients of the risks of mental health problems. 

Such cases have been filed in the States of New Jersey, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts. The latest one, at the time of writing, is currently the case of Richard McLaughlin versus Merck & Co. Inc. where Merck asked for the dismissal of the lawsuit on the basis of jurisdiction but was denied by the judge. The court, however, is yet to decide the merits of the case.

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