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Invega Ruined My Life: What Should I Do?

invega ruined my life

You may have heard many positive reviews and testimonies about Invega. But, if all you can say about your experience with this medication is,Invega ruined my life!” you’re not alone. Some side effects and contraindications of Invega can be severe and life-changing, which begs the question of what you should do if this happens.

To answer this question, we’ve listed some of the common side effects of Invega and how it can potentially ruin your life. This article also enlightens you on what to do when facing such a challenge.

What Is Invega Used For?

Invega is a brand name for an atypical antipsychotic drug called paliperidone. This drug is a common prescription for adults and adolescents for treating schizophrenia, a mood disorder that affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. For example, schizophrenia may cause the person to hallucinate, be delusional, and unable to control some body functions such as pain sensitivity. These symptoms may become chronic and disabling if left untreated for too long.

Although schizophrenia has no cure, many medical doctors prescribe it, among other antipsychotic drugs, to manage its symptoms. Here’s how this drug works. 

It alters the levels of some brain chemicals responsible for regulating several body functions, such as movement, pleasure, digestion, emotions, and memory. As a result, the drug helps alleviate symptoms such as delusions, disorganized thinking, and hallucinations.

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Invega is available as an oral and injectable drug. Your doctor may prescribe a daily dose of the pill or an Invega shot every month, three months, or six. The dosage of the Invega pill usually ranges between 3 to 12 milligrams per day. You must swallow this pill whole without crushing, breaking, or chewing it to avoid releasing the drug all at once into your system and increasing the risks of its side effects.

On the other hand, an Invega Sustenna shot must be administered by a qualified doctor, and dosage varies depending on a patient’s treatment plan.

Despite being a common prescription for people with schizophrenia and related mental health issues, its effectiveness varies from one user to another. For some, this medication is a life-saver, while for others, it has ruined their lives. However, before pointing fingers at the drug, it’s important to know its side effects, contraindications, and warnings.

What Are Some Invega Side Effects?

Some common side effects of Invega include dizziness, lightheadedness, drooling, abdominal pain, and tiredness. Usually, these effects wear off within a few days or weeks as your body adapts to the medication. However, some side effects may last longer and result in life-threatening conditions.

For example, you may develop Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome (NMS), often associated with antipsychotic medications such as Invega. NMS damages the nerves controlling some body functions, such as heartbeat, breathing, and muscle stiffness. If you have diabetes, you risk getting high blood sugar levels when using Invega. 

There’s also a risk of experiencing significant weight gain and high blood cholesterol levels, leading to heart problems in the long run. 

Other severe side effects of Invega include:

  • Uncontrollable movement of the facial muscles
  • Enlarged breasts in men
  • Unwanted breast milk
  • Irregular monthly cycles
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Seizures
  • Confusion
  • Fever
  • Irregular heartbeats
  • Trouble swallowing

Although such extreme side effects are rare, there’s no ruling out the chances that they may happen. Therefore, it’s best to discuss this medication’s benefits and risks with your doctor to ensure you’re well-informed about it to make the right decision. 

How Long Does Invega Stay in Your System?

If you take a single Invega pill, it will take about 24 hours for your body to eliminate half of it from your system. On the other hand, a single Invega shot can take 25 to 49 days before your system clears half of it. This may be devastating, especially if you’re struggling with Invega injection side effects. But that may be nothing compared to when you misuse or overdose on this medication.

For example, taking more Invega pills than your usual prescription can be life-threatening. In addition, you may experience more than one symptom of Invega side effects, including increased heartbeat, fever, sweating, and uncontrollable movements of the facial muscles. So if you accidentally overdose on it, you should call a poison helpline immediately. Additionally, let your doctor know about these symptoms as soon as possible.

 ⚖️ PRO TIP | The Poison Control Center’s helpline is 800-222-1222 

How Can Invega Ruin Your Life?

The topic “Invega Sustenna ruined my life” isn’t new to many people. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of negative reviews of people sharing their life-changing experiences caused by this drug. Besides its side effects, this medication can ruin your life in several ways.

Some users have claimed that Invega made them fall and suffered serious injuries after feeling lightheaded and dizzy while under the influence of the medication. 

Others have reported that they no longer have healthy social lives after constantly having involuntary muscle movements on their faces. 

Some men have even complained about developing new set of man boobs from taking Invega. 

Whatever the case, you don’t deserve to suffer such consequences when all you ever wanted was to find relief from schizophrenia or a related condition.

What To Do if Invega Ruined Your Life

First, immediately inform your doctor if you have persistent symptoms after taking Invega. This helps the doctor evaluate your treatment plan to determine the best cause of action to take. 

They may suggest a different drug or find a solution to manage its side effects. Next, call the Poison Control Centers helpline or 911 if you need to go into the emergency room.

Don’t suffer in silence. If you or your loved one’s life is ruined because of taking Invega, you deserve justice and answers to your questions. Consult a personal injury attorney for a case evaluation to determine whether you have a valid reason to hold the parties accountable for your pain. 

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