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3 Ways to Track Your Settlement Check In 2024

how to track your settlement check 2024

Have you recently reached a settlement agreement and are eagerly awaiting your settlement check? Tracking the progress of your settlement check is crucial to ensure you receive the compensation you rightfully deserve. In this article, we will explore three effective methods to track your settlement check in 2024. 

3 Ways to Track Your Settlement Check 

A common question asked is: how can I track my settlement check? There are several ways to track your settlement check but all of these methods can be grouped into three basic categories. Depending on the situation you find yourself in, you may choose any of the methods below or perhaps use two at the same time. 

1. Contact the Issuing Party

The first and most direct way to track your settlement check is by reaching out to the party responsible for issuing it. Depending on your case, this could be an insurance company, a legal representative, or another organization involved in the settlement. Contacting them allows you to get specific information about the status of your payment.

Who Is the Issuing Party?

The issuing party can be the insurance company, the person itself, the corporation, or their legal representative. The procedure for the issuance of the settlement is typically several days or even weeks. 

It starts with an Order of Settlement form which must be filled out within an allotted period. A settlement agreement will then be prepared by the opposing party, stating the terms of the agreement which includes the amount to be paid, the time for payment, and even the instances leading to the settlement. 

Note that this settlement agreement will also contain a “waiver” clause. This means that you won’t be seeking additional compensation from the party responsible for the payment.

When To Contact the Issuing Party?

Timing is crucial when it comes to contacting the issuing party. Ideally, you should have an expected timeline for the payment as outlined in the settlement agreement or any related documentation. If the settlement check fails to arrive after the agreed-upon date, you can inquire about the issuing party. You can ask them if they need any other information on your end for the issuance of the settlement check.

Most people choose to make a verbal inquiry about their settlement check. While this is perfectly fine, a written inquiry should also be made. This is because written inquiries offer physical evidence of late payment. In the event of disputes, you can print out your email or show a registry receipt indicating that as of the date of sending, no settlement check was received.

2. Check the Settlement Agreement

One essential step in tracking your settlement check is carefully reviewing the settlement agreement or any related documentation provided during the settlement process. The document serves as the formal agreement between you and the other party, outlining the terms and conditions of the settlement. 

Here’s how you can effectively check the settlement agreement:

Review the Terms

Start by thoroughly reading and understanding the terms and conditions specified in the settlement agreement.Pay close attention to the part that outlines the payment details, including the amount, payment method, and any agreed-upon deadline. 

Ideally, you kept a personal copy of the settlement agreement for review. If you don’t have your own, ask for a copy from your lawyer. 

All settlement agreements contain more or less the same information such as the date of the settlement, the amount to be paid, and when payment is due. While the wording may seem difficult, you’ll find that reading the document thoroughly will answer all the questions you have about payment.

⚖️ PRO TIP: You can always seek further clarification from your attorney if you need help understanding the legal jargon on your settlement check. 

Contact Information

Some settlement agreements also provide information on who to contact when it comes to delays or what you can do if payment is delayed. Follow these instructions as much as possible so that you are not in breach of the contract. Doing these puts you in a stronger legal position if there are disputes in the payment process itself.

Payment Timeline

Look for information regarding the expected timeline for receiving your settlement check. It should contain a specific date by which payment should be made. Note that payment may be paid in installments. If there are several payment dates, take note of everyone one of those. 

Payment Confirmation

Some settlement agreements require the issuing party to issue a written confirmation of payment after receiving the check. You want to get a copy of this confirmation together with the issued check. If the confirmation comes before the check, do not accept it. 

An important thing to remember when it comes to installments is that payment in a particular month creates the presumption that previous months were paid. For example, your installments are paid every month instead of a lump sum. 

The issuing party paid you for February but did not make any payment for January. Silently accepting the February payment creates the assumption that the January payment was also completed.

Therefore, if this happens to you, it’s important to raise the issue as soon as possible. For example, you can send an email to the issuing party telling them that you received the February payment but the January payment is still unpaid.

3. Use Online Tracking Systems

Many organizations offer convenient online tracking systems that can streamline the process of checking your settlement check’s status. These systems typically require you to input specific information, such as a claim number or case reference. In these cases, the issuing party will have an online portal where you can check the status of the check. 

Note though that every time you check the status online, you should take a screenshot of the content on the screen. Make sure to include the date and time of the screenshot. This gives you added physical evidence in case the delivery or deposit of the settlement is disputed.

Another online tracking system is through the mailing service. Companies like UPS offer real-time tracking for parcels sent through their system. If the issuing party provides you with a tracking number, then you can input this on the carrier’s website and just check periodically. 

Make sure to take screenshots of this, too.

What to Do After Release of Settlement Checks

The at-fault party or the insurance company may not always give the check directly to you. In most cases, it will be sent over to your attorney who will inform you as soon as payment is made. 

Keep in mind that the lawyer will deduct their legal fees and expenses, along with any debts related to your claim. This can include medical fees and repair costs arising out of the accident which also caused the injury. If there are outstanding liens, your lawyer may need to retain the check longer.

After settling all legal fees, costs, and liens, your attorney sends the final check to you. This usually happens within six weeks, and you might be able to track its progress if a tracking number is provided. 

The timeline can vary based on the law firm’s location and the distance the check must travel. Once you receive it, you’re free to deposit the amount into your bank account. 

Common Reasons for Delay of Settlement Checks

While tracking your settlement check, it’s essential to be aware of common reasons for delays. Delays can occur due to various factors such as administrative issues, disputes, or an overwhelming caseload with the issuing party. Understanding these potential problems can help you anticipate the delays and take steps to address them.

In some cases, the unique circumstances of the case might causes the delay. Take for example a settlement claim that involves an estate that needs to be liquidated first. 

This means that the assets of the estate need to be sold off first before payment from the funds can be made. Cases involving minors can also be more complex and would significantly delay the release of the settlement. If the issuing party is an insurance company operating in another jurisdiction, there’s also a possibility that the company is operating under a different timeline.

How Can I Track My Workers’ Comp Settlement Check?

Tracking your worker’s compensation settlement check can be done directly or through your legal representative. Ideally, you should go directly to the source or the insurance provider handling your workers’ comp claim. Gather all relevant information before making contact, including your claim number, incident date, reference number, and any other correspondence you’ve had with the insurance company. These are all information they may ask when following up with the settlement.

⚖️ PRO TIP: It’s also advisable to learn how the workers’ comp settlement chart works to ensure you’re getting what you deserve.

You can choose to make a phone, email, or mail inquiry. If time is of the essence, a verbal inquiry might be best, but make sure to ask who you’re talking to and write down material parts of the conversation. 

Once done, you can follow up with an email, detailing the conversation you’ve had with the representative of the issuing party. This helps create a paper or visual trail of the transactions. 

If the issuing party already released the check, you can follow up with other concerned parties like the bank, the postal office, or the carrier.

You can also try going through your attorney or your union. This helps add a level of urgency to the issuance of the check. 

How Do I Track My Facebook Settlement Check?

If you are awaiting a settlement check related to a class-action lawsuit or data breach involving a company like Facebook, the process may differ slightly. If you recall, Facebook recently settled a $725 million lawsuit after complainants claimed that the site unlawfully shared personal information with Cambridge Analytica.

The deadline for filing claims ended on August 25, 2023, with the Final Approval Hearing set on September 7 of the same year. Possible claimants are those who were Facebook users in the United States from May 24, 2007, to December 22, 2022. 

⚖️ PRO TIP: You can visit the Facebook User Privacy Settlement website specifically set up to help claimants opt in or opt out of the litigation.

Payment should be made according to the payment portal chosen during the application stage. Currently, however, Facebook is reviewing applications and issuing rejections or approvals as they come. 

According to the NCBLPC, around 500,000 people have already been rejected for settlement. If you’re one of them, you can still issue an appeal through the portal provided. 

If you’ve been approved, however, then the settlement is expected around January 2024, per Forbes. At this stage, paying close attention to the news and keeping track of your email is the best way to keep track of your Facebook settlement.

What Happens if a Company Fails To Pay My Settlement Check?

In cases where the issuing party fails to pay your settlement check as agreed, it’s important to seek legal assistance promptly. The lawyer who represented you during the negotiation process is your first and best choice because they already have a good understanding of the case. This lawyer can help you draft a demand letter or an inquiry letter addressed to the issuing party.

In most cases, a settlement agreement contains a Penalty Clause. This clause mostly states that if the settlement remains unpaid on a specific date, then the amount earns an interest rate. 

Hence, the issuing party will be paying more with each day of delay. This is why it’s important to follow up as soon as the promised payment date is past due. This way, you have positive evidence that no payment was made as of the date you sent the letter.

What if the Settlement Amount is Wrong?

If the settlement amount is wrong, contact your lawyer immediately to confirm if the amount is the net of the liens or damages paid. A breakdown of the costs should be available, allowing you to check it yourself.

Don’t worry though, nothing is stopping you from depositing the check even if the amount is wrong. You have every right to demand the remaining amount provided that you can prove that you’re entitled to the missing portion.

Final Thoughts

A lot of things can happen between the settlement agreement order and your receipt of the settlement check. Understanding the process helps you better anticipate problems and know exactly how to approach them for resolution. While it might seem like a long time for you to get the settlement you deserve, keep in mind that most of the parties involved have procedures that need to be followed. Stay patient and document every step to keep your rights protected.

For more information, here are five ways to find out if someone got a settlement.

Written by
Serah Waweru

A graduate of Western Michigan University Cooley Law School, Serah Waweru is a personal injury and immigration attorney based in Tacoma, Washington. Her law firm serves clients in Washington and all over the United States. Serah has always been passionate about the law; she served as the Vice President of the Western Michigan University Cooley Law School Student Bar Association and vice president of the university's Black Law Students Association. Attorney Serah Waweru is also a proud member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and the Washington State Bar Association.

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